October 13, 2022

October 06, 2022


October 13, 2022

Save time and bulk invite members with a CSV import

If you have a large number of users you’d like to invite to airfocus, you can now do so by uploading a CSV file.

Once you’ve uploaded your CSV, you can simply map the CSV columns to the required airfocus user fields: ‘Full name’ and ‘Email address’. You can also select a default user role to be assigned to all users during the import which can be changed individually after.

Display both Status and Issue ID on synced Jira and Shortcut items

To provide more clarity to your synced Jira and Shortcut items, we’ve included both their Issue ID and Status on your Item panel and Table view.

Map dates from your CSV file to the date and date-range fields in airfocus

We’ve added the option for you to map different date formats that you have in your CSV file to the custom date and date-range fields in airfocus.

October 06, 2022

Improved field mapping and filters for Trello

With the new Trello integration improvements, we've made the integration page layout easier for you. Previously when setting up an integration between Trello and airfocus, you'd need to map every field in different sections on the page. With the new layout, you can easily map your fields, such as Status, Label, Trello Voting Power-Up, and more, all in one section. You can also change the mapping direction for each of the fields.

You can now also use the list and label filters to sync specific cards from the selected boards. If the filters are left empty, all the cards from the board will be imported automatically.

Added the most popular Zapier templates on airfocus

Head over to our Zapier integration page and find the most popular templates you can use to automate your requests. Can't find what you need? Click on 'More templates' to be redirected to even more pre-defined templates.

Continuous UI enhancements

We’ve given a little facelift to some elements within our platform, which includes our profile settings popover and the style for our 'Sign out' button.

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Fixed the text on the Forms app button, which appears when opening a form via the Item panel.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the filtering based on Insights not to work.

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