September 21, 2022

September 15, 2022

September 01, 2022


September 21, 2022

Hierarchy sync for Jira

Introducing Hierarchy sync for Jira (beta), our latest improvement added to the airfocus Jira integration 🎉. Hierarchy sync for Jira allows you to sync the parent-child relations from your Jira project to airfocus.

Let's say you have two workspaces; one workspace is connected to your Jira Epics, and the other is linked to your Jira Stories. When a child gets added to an Epic in Jira, we apply those relationships on airfocus via the Hierarchy sync so that you can easily see the parent-child relationships directly in airfocus.

Easier access to quick filters

We’ve moved the quick filters from the side to the top left corner in your Inbox view so that you can see more content on smaller screens.

Billing portal improvements

We’ve made some adjustments to our billing page resulting in a much more seamless check out experience for you.

Map Jira radio button to airfocus

The Jira radio button custom field is now mappable with airfocus single select fields.

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Fixed a bug that caused the pushing of items to Jira not to work even when the Jira mandatory field is mapped correctly and filled out.

September 15, 2022


Track updates to specific custom fields on airfocus items with Zapier

Previously, any item update on airfocus would cause a trigger on Zapier. To make it more customizable, we now allow users to track updates to specific custom fields on airfocus items.

How is this useful? For example, when you have a date range field that defines a timeline at the beginning of your quarter, you might have some unexpected changes as the quarter progresses, which could cause a delay in delivery resulting in changes in your timeline. You can now use Zapier to notify these changes to you via email/Slack about the updates specifically made on the date range field.

Quick and easy access to templates

To make it easier for you to jump right into a template, you can simply click ‘Use template’ and it will bring you right into the template you’ve selected.

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Fixed the issue syncing with Jira on-premise.

  • Fixed a bug on the Priority Poker app that caused the scores to sum up and divide by the number of people that played the game.

  • Exact matches for full item names are now fixed to be listed first in the Global search results.

  • Filter for text fields will not be case-sensitive anymore.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the PDF export not to function properly.

September 01, 2022


Hide app-related information in views

Previously, all airfocus app-related information (insights, forms, etc.) were mandatory in views, and you were not able to remove them. Now, you can hide these 1) by default in your view settings or 2) temporarily via the display option.

  • Hide by default in your view settings

  • Hide temporarily via the display option

Renamed the ‘Apps’ button to ‘Extensions’

We’ve renamed the ‘Apps’ button to ‘Extensions’ and also added a color icon with it as well. You can now manage all your Apps and Integrations within ‘Extensions’.

Additional improvements made to the airfocus UI

We are continuously making UI improvements on airfocus to ensure that you have a better user experience. We've removed the 'Views' tab within your workspace settings. You can adjust your views directly on your 'View settings' instead. We've also made some minor adjustments to spacing and line heights for certain buttons and tabs. Lastly, we've adjusted the shading of the hover effects.

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