June 22, 2022

June 14, 2022

June 08, 2022

June 22, 2022

Improvements ✨

  • Updated & improved Jira integration

    Great news! Our Jira integration just got a major upgrade with more powerful mapping options ✨

    You can now directly map the most popular Jira system fields with your airfocus custom fields. Furthermore, you can decide on the sync direction for every field and also configure many-to-one mapping for select field options.

    • You can now map additional Jira system fields:

      • Sprint(s)

      • Priority

      • Fix version(s)

      • Due date

    • The sync direction can be configured per field.

    • All mapping settings can now be made in one unified field mapping section.

    • All airfocus custom field types apart from people and boolean can be mapped.

    • We greatly improved our error messages to accurately tell users what they need to fix to solve the problem.

    • Configure many-to-one mapping for select field options.

Check out the extensive improvements and updates we've made to the Jira integration.

  • Easily switch between the item dialog and item panel by clicking on the arrow icon on the righthand corner of the panel.

  • Missing the ‘Watch item’ function on your item panel? Don’t worry, it’s still here. We’ve moved it under the three-dot dropdown menu.

  • When duplicating a workspace and its contents, you now have the option to copy the workspace permissions as well.

  • We’ve added a drag-and-drop icon on hover for views on your navigation so that you can clearly see which views you can rearrange.

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Fixed a bug that causes the 'None' swimlane to appear first when selecting the 'by parent' swimlane option.

  • Removed the view creation option for users with less than "Full" permissions to the workspace.

June 14, 2022

Improvements ✨

  • We moved the view settings out of the workspace settings for your convenience. You can now access the view settings via the drop-down menu on each view.

  • We've added a new item type called "Bug". You can now easily identify bugs at a glance in your workspace.

  • We're all about making your workspaces cleaner and easier to work with. Therefore, we've made some UX improvements to our Table, List, and Timeline views.

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Fixed a bug on the date range field which causes unselected dates to show up within the item panel.

June 08, 2022

Improvements ✨

  • Views 2.0

    airfocus views just got a major upgrade 💗

    View settings and view-related actions can now all be easily found in one place – the new view navigation. Here, workspace owners can easily pin and rearrange views to fully customize the workspace setup and ensure everyone focuses on the views that matter.

    Additionally, anyone can create private views (Pro plans and upwards) and pin any workspace view (”pin for me”) to cater to their personal workflow without over-cluttering the workspace.

    With the new view navigation:

    • You can easily find your view settings and view-related actions all in one place. The new inner workspace navigation bar now consists of 3 main sections (from left to right): 1) User-pinned views, 2) Workspace-pinned views, and 3) All views, which consist of the remainder workspace views and also private views. You can rearrange all views within a section via drag and drop. However, the order of the sections is not changeable.

    • Workspace owners can define which views should be pinned for all workspace members to ensure everyone focuses on what matters.

    • Anyone can create private views to cater to their personal workflow without over-cluttering the team's workspace. You can see a new toggle called 'Private view' where you can turn a view into private or public (depending on your access rights) within the view settings.

    • Anyone can privately pin views for themselves to prioritize the views that are most important to them.

    • You can now also duplicate views with one click without making them from scratch - talk about the time you'll save!

  • Global search

    Finding information within airfocus just got a whole lot easier⚡. We’ve just launched a game-changing feature called “Global search”, which allows you to easily find and access any item from anywhere in airfocus. Search away!

  • We've added the option to "copy link" in the item panel dropdown for you to share your items easily via a link.

  • We have improved the rendering custom rich text elements of imported via the Jira integration.

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Fixed a bug on our Intercom integration that mapped one of the fields incorrectly.

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