Finding information within airfocus just got a whole lot easier⚡, especially when working across multiple workspaces. With the Global Search, you can find the information you need with just a few clicks.

In this article you will learn:


  • Search for and jump immediately to any item so you can always find what you need across different workspaces and views.

  • Search is always at your fingertips with powerful keyboard shortcuts and actions.

  • Easily pick up where you’ve left off. The search presents you with the 10 items you most recently viewed.

How it works

To open the search, just click the “Search” button on the top left of your sidebar, or use the keyboard shortcut:

  • cmd + K, if you’re on Mac

  • ctrl + K, if you’re on Windows

Once you trigger the search, a popover will appear over the user's current view in airfocus.

You can now search both the name and the description of an item. If you don’t remember the exact name or content of the description, don’t worry. You can use the keywords you remember and find the item regardless.

In the search results, cards show the color, name, assignees, source workspace, last updated timestamp, and description.

Jump back to the items you’ve recently worked on or searched for just by going through the most recently viewed items.

Send a direct link to any item shown in the search results via the “Copy link” function that appears on hover and share it with your team.

Filter the search results by “Assignee” to see which items your team members are working on based on the search query. You can also filter the search results by “Workspaces”, narrowing down the places to look for items.

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