With groups, you can manage and organize your workspaces into dedicated folders to better visualize how your work connects together and to improve collaboration and permission management.


How to get started

How workspace groups work


  • Workspace groups allow you to group and organize workspaces, providing you with more context. Groups are especially useful if you need to manage several lines of products, involving multiple teams and departments, interlinked by apps and hierarchy levels.

  • Team collaboration is much easier with groups. With group permissions you can now manage access rights on the group level, allowing you to provide invitees with access to all the workspaces within a group.

How to get started

Workspace groups allow you to group workspaces into dedicated folders. You can create a group by clicking on the "+" in your sidebar and then "New group".

Once a group is created, you can drag & drop existing workspaces in and out of your group. You can also re-arrange the order of your workspaces inside the group and move workspaces between different groups. Finally, you can also re-order your groups in the side navigation bar via drag & drop.

You can also create workspaces directly inside a group.

How workspace groups work

  • General

    • Groups can be empty.

    • Groups are just a “wrapper” around workspaces. A group only contains a name and group permission levels.

    • A workspace can only be part of one group at a time.

    • A workspace can exist without a group in the general workspaces section (below all listed groups, if there are any).

  • Drag & drop interactions and group permissions

    • Workspace groups have permissions for individual team members as well as team permissions which apply to anyone on the team by default.

    • A user’s final permission level to an individual workspace will always be the highest level found among the four permission settings:

      • Workspace individual permissions

      • Workspace team permissions

      • Workspace group individual permissions (if present)

      • Workspace group team permissions (if present)

    • Group-level permissions do not overwrite individual permissions to workspaces but potentially supersede them.

    • If a user has "Full" permissions to several groups, they can re-organize them in the side navigation.

    • Users with “Full“ permissions to the group can re-order workspaces inside a group.

    • Users cannot reorder the general workspace section.

    • To move a workspace into a group, the user needs "Full" permissions to the group and "Full" permissions to the workspace.

    • To move a workspace between two groups, the user needs "Full" permissions on both groups.

    • When a user moves a workspace out of a group and/or deletes the group:

      • The user receives the "Full" permissions to the now independent workspace(s).

      • All other members of the workspace(s) keep their individual permissions.

      • Group members do not get automatically assigned their group permissions as individual workspace permissions. They will lose their group-bound access to the workspace(s).

You can learn more about how permissions work in airfocus here.

  • What workspace groups don’t do

    • Workspace groups do not influence cross-workspace hierarchy links, insights, or apps.

    • Groups do not change any functionality of the current workspace setups.

    • Sharing still works on the view level of a workspace.

    • Applying a multi-workspace template does not create a group.

    • Group settings do not change individual workspace settings/permissions, they only potentially overrule them → "highest permission level wins".

    • Groups are optional, and users can still use workspaces without groups.

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