May 9, 2022

May 9, 2022

Improvements ✨

New navigation and home screen

We learned that organizing your workspaces and switching between them can be challenging when you want to scale your product management workflows. That's why we've revamped our navigation and home screen, making them way more intuitive to use so that you can kick start your workday in no time. Read below to find out all about the new additions:

  • New side panel navigation

    • We have transformed our dual top navigation bars into a dedicated side panel where you can find all your system/team-level navigation.

    • You can seamlessly access your home, your notifications, your all-new favorites, your workspaces and portals, as well as your account/team/billing settings within the panel.

    • The side panel can also be hidden and displayed easily with a toggle allowing you to focus on the individual workspace content.

  • New ‘Favorites’ section

    • You can now favorite a workspace for quick and easy access by clicking on the ‘Add to favorites’ option in the dropdown menu of the workspace.

  • Improved inner-workspace navigation

    • We've also upgraded the inner-workspace navigation, making it a lot easier to find what you need. The top navigation bar contains all actions and settings that apply to your workspace as a whole, such as the workspace name, workspace settings, permissions, apps, integrations, and the 'Add item' button. This section will also display view or app-specific call-to-actions.

    • In the secondary top navigation bar, you will find view-level navigation elements such as the view switcher, view-based search, filter options, display options, and view sharing.

  • New home screen

    • Kickstart your work day by seeing the most important things right in front of you at a glance. The new home screen features a set of basic widgets for recently updated workspaces, notifications, and featured templates.

Multi-workspace templates

Set up your whole product management workflow with a click of a button with our new multi-workspace templates. These convenient templates allow you to easily set up an entire workflow with preconfigured hierarchy, apps, and multiple workspaces. Check them out here.

Improved performance of the Item Mirror app

With the increasing usage of the Item Mirror app, we’ve made technical performance improvements to make the app run a lot smoother.

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