💡 Portal is available for the Advanced, Pro, and Enterprise plans.

💡 You need to be an admin or editor with “full” or “write” access to be able to post items to a portal.

If you have added your workspace as a page on your portal, you can post items directly from within the item details view. You can customize your items with customer-friendly names, descriptions, and even cover images.

Go to the workspace you used for your page by accessing it from within the Portal settings or the airfocus overview.

Select an item that you want to show on your portal and click on “Post item”. Next, customize the item with a customer-friendly name and description and upload a cover image (optional).

You can easily crop and adjust your chosen cover image.

To post the item, activate the toggle. If you’d like to retrieve a posted item, deactivate the toggle.

Quickly jump to the published item on the portal by clicking on the link (given, your portal is already live).

The green globe icon indicates a portal that is live, an orange one indicates that the portal is not live. By hovering on top of the globe icon, you’ll get an explanation of each status.

You’ve now created your portal and its pages and published the first items. Let’s set the portal live.

Have questions? Please get in touch via chat. We reply usually within minutes.

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