💡Portal is available for the Advanced, Pro, and Enterprise plans.

💡You need to be an admin or editor with “full” or “write” access to be able to post items to a portal.

Pages are the top-level navigation elements of your portal. Use them to show selected workspace items or to link to external URLs. Pages can be customized to fit your brand and messaging.

First, decide whether you would like to post items from one of your workspaces to the portal or if you’d like to link an external URL to it.

Note that external URLs will open in a new browser tab. This could be useful, for example, to link to your company’s “About us” page.

Page type Workspace

Page Name

  • Will be displayed as the title/header of the portal.

Page URL

  • By default, the page name will be copied to this field (excluding special characters). Only letters from a - z, numbers from 0 - 9, and dashes are allowed.


  • Select the workspace that you want to use to post items to this page.


  • Select one of the single select fields of the selected workspace to group items into tabs on this page.


  • Select one of the single or multi-select fields of the selected workspace to group items into sections on this page.

Forms app

Page customization

Hero section

  • By activating the Hero section you can add a headline and description to provide context to page visitors.


  • Activate SEO to define the meta title and meta description of the page and decide whether or not it should appear in search engines such as Google.

Here’s the result of the above page setup:

Page type URL

If you want to link to an external URL from your Portal, give the page a name and add the link.

Clicking the link will immediately redirect you to the chosen URL in a new browser tab.

Don’t forget to set your pages live if you would like them to be shown on your portal.

The green globe icon indicates a portal that is live, an orange globe indicates that the portal is not live. By hovering on top of the globe icon, you’ll get an explanation of each status.

Add your workspace to multiple portals

You can also choose to add your workspace as pages to more than one portal.

To do this, simply click on “Portal” from the Apps drop-down.

Here, you can either choose to reconfigure an existing page or add your workspace as a page to another portal.

Click on “+ Add to portal” and select the portal you’d like to send your workspace to and configure its settings accordingly before setting it live.

Alternatively, you can also access these settings from the little gear icon right from your item panel.

Now that your pages are all set up, let’s post an item to your page.

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