💡Keep in mind, that only Admins are allowed to create and configure portals.

The portal is a branded website where you can share items from your workspaces on customizable portal pages. Your items can have customer-friendly names, descriptions, and even cover images to tailor your content to your portal audience.

Click on “+" next to Portals to get started.

In the configuration dialogue, customize your portal with a name, logo, favicon, and a primary color as described below:

Portal Name

  • The name will be displayed internally under the Portal’s section.

  • It will partly also be displayed on shared link thumbnails and search engine results.

Portal URL

  • By default, the Portal’s name will be copied to this field (excluding special characters). Only letters from a - z, numbers 0 - 9, and dashes are allowed.

  • The portals are hosted and suffixed with/on the “airfocus.site” domain.

  • Portal URLs must be unique, thus, will be checked for the same.

Portal Password

Limit access to your Portal with a unique password. Keep in mind that this is an optional feature.

Portal customization

You can optionally customize your portal with a Logo, Favicon and Primary color:


  • Make sure your images don’t surpass the maximum allowed ratio of 9:1.

  • The logo will be displayed in the top navigation bar in the Portal.

🚀 Pro tips:

  • Your logo should not have whitespace around them.

  • Your logo should have a transparent background.


  • The favicon will be displayed in the browser tab and link share thumbnails.

  • Make sure they have a ratio of 1:1.

  • Allowed formats are: .svg, .ico, .png.

Color picker

  • Either use a 6 digit hex code of the brand color that will be applied to the theme of the portal or use the color picker option to pick the color directly from the logo you have already uploaded.

You can access the Portal settings and change them on the setting button next to the Portal's name.

You’ve now created your first portal!
Let’s continue with adding a page to your portal.

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