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💡Portal is available for the Advanced, Pro and Enterprise plans.

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With airfocus Portal, you can engage with your community on a branded customer-facing website. Build products people want and close the feedback loop with your audiences, regardless of whether they’re customers, teammates, or business stakeholders. If you’re already an airfocus user, you will be able to base your portal on your existing workspaces with just a few clicks.

Your portal helps you:

  • Share your roadmaps, plans, and ideas from your workspaces and celebrate recent launches.

  • Gather feedback and new ideas seamlessly and make customer-centric product decisions.

  • Test and validate ideas and concepts with the crowd and improve your discovery process.

Key takeaways


The portal is a public, branded website where you can share items from your workspaces on customizable portal pages. Your items can have customer-friendly names, descriptions, and even cover images to tailor your content to your portal audience.

Expand its capabilities and gather feedback and ideas on your portal pages by syncing with the Forms app.

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Portal pages

Pages are the top-level navigation elements of your portal. Use them to show selected workspace items or to link to external URLs. Pages can be customized to fit your brand and messaging.

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Post items to your portal

If you have added your workspace as a page on your portal, you can post items directly from within the item details view in that workspace. You can customize your items with customer-friendly names, descriptions, and even cover images that will display on the portal website.

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Gather feedback and ideas on your portal

If you’d like to collect feedback and validate ideas and concepts with your users, you can activate the Forms app on the connected workspace (if you don’t have it active already). The feedback that you will receive on the portal can then be automatically sent to your feedback inbox.

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Portal setup

💡 You need to be an admin to be able to create and manage portals and portal pages. Editors can post items to existing portal pages.

To get your portal live, you’ll have to complete the following steps:

  1. Create a portal

  2. Add a page to your portal

  3. Post an item to your portal

  4. Set your portal live

When creating a portal, you can find a progress tracker on the top right that will guide you through the complete setup process for the above steps.

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