airfocus list views enable you to see all workspace items in one place, including all of their children (sub-)items. This works not only on one level but on unlimited hierarchy levels.

This means that with the airfocus list view, you can see all sub-item levels of each of your items in one list.

In this article, we will go over:


  1. The airfocus list view gives you the ability to visualize all levels of children items connected to items in a workspace.

  2. Identify items/workspaces that are inaccessible and request direct access to those workspaces.

  3. Group items by custom select fields with swimlanes.

  4. The view type also behaves as a fallback view in case you don't want to have any other views in a workspace.

How to set up and use list views

Like any other airfocus view type, you can find the list view inside the "+" sign, next to views.

You can add a new view type and select the list view option to add the new list view to your workspace.

Configure the new view type with the desired name, description (optional), and default display and filter options.

You now have the all-new list view. Click on the chevrons on the items to reveal their children items. You can unfold all hierarchical relations between all your items in one view.

Please note: You can set up a hierarchy with unlimited levels by using multiple workspaces.

Each other view type will always show you only one child item level for each item. (You can find more information here.)

The list view enables you to see an unlimited number of sub-levels of each item on one view!

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