Don’t miss out on valuable insights floating around your company's Slack.

With the airfocus Slack integration, you can allow colleagues and team members to push Slack messages as ideas, requests, or feedback into airfocus.

The approval from the Slack App directory will take about 4-6 weeks. However, the Slack app is currently in production and you can already use it.

In this article you will learn about:


  • Push directly from Slack Slack is where the magic happens. Waste no time and send items straight from your Slack conversations into airfocus.

  • Centralize inputs from Slack in airfocus and inform product discovery Collate feedback from Slack and all your other channels such as Intercom and email.

How it works

  1. Add the airfocus Slack app from your apps and integrations on your airfocus account.

  2. Once added, you will need to log into your Slack workspace and authenticate.

  3. airfocus will be added to your Slack and a confirmation message will inform you of the successful connection.

  4. In order to create an item, click on the message actions next to the relevant message in Slack and select “Send to airfocus”.

  5. Then, a form will pop up where you can enter the item name and description, and also select the workspace.

  6. You will personally be notified on Slack once the item has been posted to airfocus. This includes a link to the original Slack message, as well as to the created airfocus item. Your item on airfocus will also contain a link to the posted Slack message in the item description.

Important Information

  • Once the airfocus app is added in Slack, each user needs to authenticate separately (the app is added to the workspace, but authentication works on a per-user level).

  • Each authenticated user will only have access to push items to the workspaces they have write access to.

  • All other users may have access to authenticate, but they will NOT have access to create an item unless they explicitly have permission to create items within the workspace (so even if you're a contributor, you might be able to authenticate, but you will get an error when trying to push an item).

  • By typing “/airfocus” on a Slack workspace that has the airfocus bot installed, it returns with a message containing your authentication status on the airfocus web-app.

  • Your posted airfocus items also include user mentions and emojis from Slack (excluding custom Slack emojis).

  • The Slack integration also has markdown capabilities to retain the formatting style from your Slack message on airfocus.

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