The airfocus Forms app helps you create customizable forms to gather feedback, ideas, or any other supporting information for your product work. The app allows you to add a new button to your workspace (e.g. "Give feedback") to capture general information on the workspace level or on specific items from anyone.

In this article you will go over:

Please note that the Forms app is currently in beta.


Open your feedback process to your entire team

The airfocus Forms app allows you to gather feedback from any existing workspace or share-link, making it easier for the rest of your team to collaborate with you (without sacrificing user permissions.)

  • Open up your feedback process and engage the rest of your team.

  • Collaborate with your team and stakeholders without disrupting your current workflows.

  • Have a more unified system that allows you to support your discovery process.

Open up your product process and collect new ideas

Great ideas are everywhere! Enable your team and stakeholders to send you new opportunities directly to your product workspace, where you can assess their potential impact and get them ready to wow your customers.

  • Create a standardized process for everyone in your team to get involved.

  • Create transparency with your team and let them know what information is needed to proceed with an idea.

  • Gather new ideas from all departments in your organization without disrupting your current processes.

With the Forms app, not only people with an airfocus editor license will be able to add items to your workspace, but also contributors and people from outside your company.

How to set up the Forms app

Activate app

You can activate the Forms app in the "Extensions" section of your workspace, just like any other airfocus app.

Where do you want to manage form submissions?

The form will be added to the workspace in which you activate the app in. However, the form submissions (new items) can also be sent to another workspace. You can select the target workspace in the dropdown.

If you have a dedicated feedback workspace, and you are using the form to gather feedback from external or internal stakeholders, we recommend you select this feedback workspace as a target. This way you can easily connect feedback to your backlog via the Insights app.

After selecting a target workspace you can choose which custom fields should be included in the form. By default, the form shows a title and description.

Who should be able to access the form?

The next thing you can decide is who should be able to see and access the form buttons. You have multiple options to choose from.

You can give any of your airfocus team members (even those with read-only rights to this workspace) the option to fill out the form.

You can also add the form to your share links so that any viewer can fill out the form.

Of course, you can also select both options at the same time.

How do you want to capture information?

With the Forms app, you can add the forms button to the workspace and/or to an existing item. In both cases, you can customize the button copy.

This is how the forms button will look on the workspace and item panel:

Add a description to the form

You can provide additional information to guide submitters by adding a description to your form. The text will be included on top of your form.

That's it! You can now collect feedback from your team and external stakeholders.

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