The custom field of type People allows you to be more flexible in terms of collaboration, notifications and tracking. You can add contributors, watchers or list owners to an item while the "Assignee" field remains for the item lead.

This is a super-quick guide on how to set it up.

In this article you will go over:


  • Keep an eye out on items even if you are not the item lead

  • Collaborate with your colleagues

  • Never miss a beat on items that concern you and require your attention

How to do it

You can create this custom field by going to the Fields tab in the Workspace settings.

Once you click on the + Add field button, a popover with all the available field types will appear, multiple times and presets.

Select the People field.

After naming your new field and adding an optional description, add it to your workspace.

Your newly created field will appear in the list of all your custom fields on the left. Keep in mind that you can also change the order of the fields using drag and drop.

This is how your People field will be displayed in an item:

Users selected in a people field will receive the same level of notifications as any "watcher" but will not be notified that they were added to the item.

Click here if you want to find out more about how notifications work.

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