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When you want another person in your workspace to look at something, you can now @-mention them in a comment or in the item description.

How does it work?

To mention one of your team members, simply type @ followed by the person's name. A pop-up menu will show you the search results in real-time. Use the arrows ↑ ↓ on your keyboard to choose the one you want to mention and press Enter. Alternatively you can of course click on the person in the list of search results.

Mention notifications

When someone mentions you on an item, you'll see a red badge appear next to the Notifications icon in your navigation bar with the number of notifications waiting for you.

  • Click on the Notifications icon to see all your notifications organized chronologically, including the mentions. You'll see a preview of the text you've been mentioned in.

  • Click on a mention updates to jump directly to workspace & item you've been mentioned on.

πŸ’‘ Please note: If you @-mention someone in a workspace that they don't have access to, they will be notified but they cannot access the item.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Someone mentioned me, but I didn't receive an in-app notification.

Let your teammate check if have access to the workspace the item lives in they have mentioned you on. You'll only receive a notification for an @-mention if you have access to the workspace.

Can I mention someone who is not part of the workspace?

Yes, you can. But they won't receive an in-app notification.

Can I mention my entire workspace or a group of people like @engineering?

No, that's not possible at the moment. You can only mention single team members.

Do you also have email notifications instead/on top of in-app notifications?

Not yet, unfortunately. It’s a very legit use case though, and definitely something we want to support rather soonish. Stay tuned!

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