With our item activity log, users are able to look into almost every update that has been made to a particular item since its creation, no matter if the item has been added manually by a team member or if it has been added/imported via an integration.

How it works

You can find the activity log at the bottom of your item panel.

Clicking the Show details button next to the section header Activity will reveal the detailed "update" log.

This will display all changes made to the item up to this point.

The activity log contains

  • Item creation and (un-)archiving

  • System fields updates (item name, description, assignee, color)

  • Custom fields updates (all custom field types)

  • When Integration add items or update mapped system or custom fields*

In case the items have been updated by an integration this will be displayed as well.

These are the displayed changes made by an integration:

  • An item was added/imported via integrations.

  • An item was archived via integrations (if the linked item was archived in the third party system OR does not match the integration filter settings anymore AND the integration settings are set to archiving items that match one of the two conditions described at the beginning of the sentence).

  • When a mapped system or custom fields gets updated.

The activity log does not contain

  • The option to remove certain item updates.

  • The option to go back in time/to an earlier version of that item.

Additional information

  • The item activity log is not tied to a certain user role. If you have access to a workspace, you have access to any item's activity log

  • Just like the Comments so far, as it is part of the Activity section, the item activity log is accessible via Share links as well.

  • The detailed view of the Activity log also contains the comments. The buttons "Show/hide details" basically let you switch between "Show comments only" and "Show all activity on this item, incl. comments"

  • The item activity log is sorted by the most recent at the top.

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