Our brand new Intercom feedback integration allows you to gather feedback directly from your Intercom conversations. This makes it easier than ever to import your customer feedback directly into airfocus!

You can import feedback from your Intercom conversations, create insights and link them directly to your feature ideas or any other work item in airfocus.

In this article you will go over:

Overview how this integration works

Having received a message via Intercom / having had an insightful customer conversation via Intercom, the Intercom user can simply tag a message with a (in airfocus) predefined tag. The next time an airfocus team member synchronizes the Intercom integration, all conversations that have been tagged since the last sync will be imported into the airfocus workspace where your team e.g. consolidates all the different feedback channels.

Plus: To help you get started, our Intercom integration also offers the option to bulk-import conversations from the past months & years, so you don't lose valuable feedback from your customers.

How to get this integration up and running

1. Go to "Extensions", "Add integrations". Navigate to the "Feedback tool integrations" section at the bottom of the screen and click on Connect. Finish the authorization to connect your Intercom account to your airfocus workspace.

2. Configure the integration filter. Select one or multiple (Intercom conversation) tags. Only conversations that have one of these tags added will be sent to airfocus (once you sync your Intercom integration).

3. You can also map Intercom customer information to airfocus custom text fields. If you’re using the Feedback & Insights template, your workspace already contains appropriate custom fields that the customer data from Intercom can be mapped to. Otherwise, please create custom fields in your workspace settings.

4. Select if you also want to import past conversations. If you don't choose this option, you will be able to only import future conversations that get tagged once you sync the integration for the next time. Choose this setting if you'd also like to import older conversations (they have to match the filter settings/have to have the specified tag). You can come back at any point and import even older conversation.

5. Save & sync the integration.

Heads up: Based on your bulk-import settings, it's possible that with the first sync no Intercom conversation will get imported from Intercom. If you haven’t chosen to import past conversations, nothing will happen the moment you save & sync for the first time.

From now on, if you tag a conversation with a pre-defined tag, the whole conversation gets pulled into airfocus the next time someone syncs the integration. Our integration checks and only imports new conversations since the last sync.

Additional information:

  • This is an import (one-way) integration only. Intercom conversations only get imported once you sync this integration in airfocus. New messages/updates in your conversations won't get synced/imported into airfocus.

  • You can import an Intercom conversation more than once though. E.g. in the case that one of your customers re-opens an old conversation after a few weeks and submits a second feature request, you can simply add that conversation tag a second time (or third, etc) to a new/another message, and with the next sync the whole conversation gets imported into airfocus again as a separate, new feedback item.

  • How we map the Intercom conversation to a airfocus item:

    • We take the whole Intercom conversation and put it into the airfocus item description so that you can read through and link this feedback to your roadmap items/feature ideas in case you are using the Insights app.

    • As the airfocus item name, we take the Intercom conversation title (if existing). If there's no manual conversation title set, there's a fallback to "Conversation with {IntercomUserEmail}", and if Intercom doesn't know the user's email, there's a second fallback to "Conversation "#{IntercomConversationID}"

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