With the Insights app, you can centralize all feedback in one place, via chat, email, or manually, allowing you to uncover actionable insights. Link feedback to ideas and opportunities to inform your discovery while keeping customers at the center of your product.

Here's a quick guide on how to use and set up the Insights app.

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Listen to your customers and solve the right problems.

The airfocus Insights app allows you to centralize feedback from any channel in one place to uncover actionable insights for discovery and product strategy.

  • Easily collect and organize feedback from various sources and teams into one place (no more missing documents or chats).

  • Create insights to inform discovery and product strategy.

  • Close the feedback loop and communicate with customers.

  • Customer-facing teams talk to users all day long. Invite them to easily submit feedback, keep them informed, and break down silos in communication.

How to do it

Create a feedback workspace

You can install Insights in the Extensions section on your workspace:

Or by selecting it from the template options when creating a new workspace:

Our recommendation is to manage feedback in a dedicated feedback workspace, as you will automatically acquire an inbox view and a predefined set of statuses to work with.

It's also possible to use the template when installing the app from an already existing workspace.

Select at least 1 workspace to which you would like to link the insights to. Please note, that in order to link to a workspace, full access permission is required for said workspace.

About your feedback workspace

  • If you decide to create a dedicated feedback workspace, this will include an inbox view. Otherwise, you will be able to add this new view type to your workspace in the views tab of your Workspace settings.

    By default, your Inbox will display a status field but you can customize what to display in the inbox in the view settings.

    We add useful default select field options to your feedback workspace to spare you some time. You can edit them and add more in the fields tab of the Workspace settings.

    Please note, that all newly added feedback will automatically be in the status "new". You can change this setting inside your workspace's settings.

    Find out more about Views and Fields.

  • Put in feedback by adding a new item and including relevant information in the item card.

  • Create Insights by highlighting relevant text from either the title or the description and linking them to items in other workspaces. This way you are enabled to create context around pieces of feedback. In case you don't have an item already created in your source workspace, you can create a new one directly from here.

    To do so, highlight the relevant content and choose which item you would like to link it to.

    Pro Tip: If you want to create a new item based on the highlighted text, type the desired item title in the search bar, and if it doesn't result in any given items with the same name you will be given the option to conveniently add it.

    Jump to the linked items with one convenient click and vice versa, and access the Insights directly from an item.

    From the feedback to the linked item, click on the item name:

    From the linked item to the feedback:

  • See at a glance for which feedback insights have already been created.

  • You will also be able to see the number of insights created on your receiving workspace. This allows you to understand which items may need your attention, giving you perspective and added customer focus.

Advanced Setup

While we do recommend the workflow described above, you can set up the Insights App manually.

Installing Insights in an already existing workspace

In your workspace, go to the Extensions section and install Insights.

The option "I'd like to create a dedicated feedback workspace" will result in the previously mentioned, recommended setup.

"Use current workspace" will convert your current workspace into a feedback workspace that will create insights for at least one other workspace.

Inbox View

You can integrate the Inbox view in any workspace manually in the views tab of your workspace settings.

Find out more about managing views.


  1. Intercom

    We're kicking off Insights with a native Intercom integration, so it's a breeze to import all feedback.

    All you need is a tag and in a flash, feedback will be coming in. Shazam!

    All feedback that comes in from Intercom will have the logo attached, so it's easy to spot and understand where it came from.

    Click here for a guide on how to set up the Intercom Integration.

  2. airfocus Chrome extension

    Here's a guide on how to set up and use the airfocus Chrome extension.

  3. airfocus integration with email via Zapier

    Here's a guide on how to set up and use the airfocus integration with Zapier.

    More integrations coming soon 👀

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