Custom field mapping of our native Jira integration allows your airfocus team (Advanced plan or higher) to map the most common custom field types of your Jira project to your custom fields in your airfocus workspace.

Which Jira field types can be mapped to airfocus?

As of right now it is possible to map custom fields that you have manually added to your Jira project with airfocus fields. These are the mappable field types between Jira and airfocus:

Jira default fields (like Issue type, Fix version, Priority etc.) are not mappable to airfocus custom field yet.

How to set up the mapping of Jira custom and default fields:

You can find the custom field mapping section at the bottom of your Jira integrations page. (If you haven't set up your Jira integration yet, you'll find more information about it here).

Mapping two fields from both tools with each other is easy. Simply select the fields on each side you want to connect:

You will find the field type behind the name of the field in both dropdowns. Having selected a field you want to map on one side, you can select from the fitting fields on the other side. You can only map two fields of the same field type with each other.

After you mapped the fields you want to connect you can finish the setup with the "Synchronize" button at the bottom of the screen. The 2-way-synchronization will keep both of your systems in sync.

You can even map your airfocus prioritization criteria with Jira custom fields. This would allow you to map your Jira Story Points with an effort criteria in airfocus. Thus, your story points would directly impact the airfocus focus score.

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