Never miss a beat again with the airfocus In-app notifications.

Here's a quick guide on how to use and set them up.

In this article you will go over:


Teamwork makes dream work. Use the In-app notifications to bring your collaboration to the next level, nevermind if you and your team are working from the same office or remotely.

You will be notified of all the important actions that involve you and be up to date at all times.

When your notifications inbox is getting too busy, you can even decide which items you want to watch and unwatch.

How to do it

Find all updates in the notification button at the top left corner of the app:

There you will find 4 types of notifications when:

  1. You have been added or removed from a workspace

  2. You have been assigned to an item (that you haven't explicitly unwatched)

  3. An item you are watching or assigned to has been commented

  4. You'll be notified as well when you've been mentioned in an item description.

The notification button informs you about the number of notifications waiting for you. The scrollable popover shows a list of all your notifications over the last 30 days.

You can recognize unread notifications by the blue circle and you also have the option to 'mark all as read' at once.

Watching and unwatching items

If you are watching an item you will receive notifications, even if you are not assigned to it.

You will be notified whenever someone comments on the watched item or you are being assigned to it.

In case you decide to unwatch an item, you will no longer be notified about changes regarding the item.

Watch or unwatch items by clicking on the three dots in the header of the item panel, and then click "Watch" or "unwatch".

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