airfocus lets you group items together through the use of our advanced customization. Whether you're looking to create a roadmap with initiatives and linked opportunities, or group epic together into projects, airfocus is flexible and can adapt to your specific needs.

Here's a quick guide through and video on how to get that set up!

In this article you will go over:


By setting up views with Custom fields and items, you can organize information based on hierarchies. In this particular scenario, we are looking to group items on two different views:

  • On the board view: Organizing items by type initiative on a Now/Next/Later roadmap, allowing you to visualize your high-level projects, with all relevant connected components per project.

  • On the table view: Showing only items of type opportunity, so you can look at your ideas, experiments, and potential solutions, with a link back to the correct initiative on the roadmap view.

How to do it

To get started, go to Workspace settings and create a custom field of type Single select. Let's call this field "Item Type."

One option will be named Initiative and the other Opportunity. This will allow us to filter items on different views.

Custom fields on airfocus

Next, let's tell each relevant view what it will be displaying.

On the board view, we will display only items where the item type is Initiative. This board view will represent your roadmap.

On the table view, we will display only items where the item type is Opportunity. This view will represent your backlog.

The next step is to link all relevant opportunities on your table view to their respecting initiatives on the board view, so you have the opportunity to communicate the following:

  • What problem you are trying to solve

  • Why you're trying to solve it

  • Who you are trying to solve it for

  • What the expected outcome is

  • How you will measure success

This can easily be achieved using the "Dependencies" section to show that items are related. Find out more on dependencies here.


Watch the video below to get an overview of how to set up custom fields and hierarchies.

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