The custom field of type Yes or no allows you to create a field for adding information or rating your items by the two options of Yes or no.

You can create a Custom field of type Yes or no by going to the fields tab in the workspace settings.

Once you click on the + Add field button, a window with all the available field types will appear.

Name your new field and add an optional description before hitting the +Add Field button.

Your Yes or no field will appear in the list of all your custom fields on the left. Keep in mind that you can also change the order of the fields using drag and drop.

IMPORTANT: do not forget to add it to your view after created! To do so, enter the view settings, and activate the newly created Yes or no field inside the Default Display Options. Click on update and you will see your new field in your view.

IMPORTANT: The order of this list affects the column order on your Table view and the order of your custom fields in the item panel.

SOON: This will also determine the order of your custom fields on your item cards.

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