Together with the modularity of custom views we also provide you with the option to save your most frequently used display options per view.

Save time and hussle by defining what information your views should convey in a precise way.

Default display options allow you to define how you want to visualize information on each view and what fields to show or hide by default.

  • Go to the Settings tab in your view. There you will find the Default display options:

  • Decide which field you want to display in your swimlanes:

  • And what information to display in the columns of your view.

  • Once you’re happy with the setup, hit the Update button to save your changes.


Keep in mind that the Default display options accessible directly from your views are only temporary and on the individual user level. If the page is refreshed, the view will jump back to the Default display options defined for this particular view.

When sharing a view, only the Default display options will be applied in the share link, NOT the temporary display options.

Also, check out this video for more on using views in airfocus:

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