The custom fields of type number allow you to rate, measure and evaluate your items or custom tiers quantitatively.

There are several different types of number fields you can create:

  • Story points: express your estimates of the effort in story points

  • 0 - 5: get a default number field which allows you to set numbers from 0 to 5

  • 0 - 10: get a default number field which allows you to set numbers from 0 to 10

  • Money: quantify in currencies

  • Percentage: for data you would like to display in percentage

  • Number: create your own number field without any presets

You can create a Custom Field of type Number by going to the fields tab in the workspace settings.

Once you click on the + Add field button, a window with all the available field types will appear.

Each Number Field has a defined set of presets that you can either keep or customize after naming and describing your field:

Minimum and Maximum

The values you set here will define the minimum and the maximum of your field. You can also decide whether or not to allow values outside of this range.

If you decide to allow entering values outside of the min-max range defined, keep in mind that when using this field as a criteria in the Priority ratings app, higher or lower values won’t affect your focus score any further than the minimum or maximum value set.

Example: Your minimum is 0 and your maximum is 21. If a user rates the criteria with a higher value, let's say 40, then the focus score will only be affected as if it would be rated with 21.


Choose from a variety of unit types for your new field.

Stepping and Increments

Stepping and Increments determine the numbers suggested in the dropdown and when using the stepper arrows.

When your field is ready, hit the Update button and it will appear in the list of all your custom fields on the left. Keep in mind that you can also change the order of the fields using drag and drop.

IMPORTANT: The order of this list affects the column order on your table view and the order of your custom fields in the item panel.

SOON: This will also determine the order of your custom fields on your item cards.

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