The custom field of type select is a great fit for fields that should allow the users to choose from one or more predefined options.

There are several different types of custom fields you can create:

  • T-shirt sizes

  • Multi select

  • Single select

You can create this custom field by going to the fields tab in the workspace settings.

Once you click on the + Add field button, a popover with all the available field types, multiple times and presets will appear. The first three fields from the top are fields of type select.

There are three predefined select fields you can choose from:

After naming your new field, decide whether or not you would like to allow multiple selections. If you leave this box unchecked it means that the users will only be able to select one option of the ones provided.

Check this box to allow the users to select more than one option.

Click on + Add value in order to add options, define them and even assign a colour to them for customized visualization in your views.

The options contain values so the field can be used as criteria in the Priority ratings app. By clicking on Apply custom values you will be able to customize those default values or reset them to default.

When you hit the Update button, your newly created field will appear in the list of all your custom fields on the left. Keep in mind that you can also change the order of the fields using drag and drop.

This is how your select field will be displayed on a table view:

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