Using airfocus Filters will enable you to use each of the airfocus views in an even more flexible way. With Filters, you'll be able to create very specific versions of each of your views.

This comes in handy when you want to share your views with others (with our share-link feature).

You can filter each airfocus view here:

Our Filters allow you to do multiple things:

You can filter for one or multiple properties of items (for example the names, dates, or whatever custom field you have created for your workspace. You could also add multiple filter groups which allow filtering for a combination of different item groups.

This could look like this:

This filter set would include all items that have a defined "Company objective" AND the status "Done" filled in "Roadmap lane" field.

You can see an additional filter group in the grey box. This filter group additionally adds all items that are not assigned to Andrew.

Filters can be added with an "And" or "Or" logic. This means that all items must match all of your filters (when you add them with "And") or that they must match at least one of your filters ("Or"). The same thing can be done for different filter groups.

The filter options are also the place where you can find your archived items. You can filter for all archived items by clicking on the "View archived items" button.

All archived items will be displayed. This will give you the option to either delete them permanently or unarchive them again.

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