We've been working hard over the last few months to bring you a new and upgraded airfocus.

We've put together a Q&A for you to understand how this will affect you and your team, and what to expect from the upgrade.

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Why are things changing?

After many conversations with product managers, we learned that although they face similar product strategy challenges, their products and product teams are vastly different. You can't force everyone to fit into a single way of working, and a tool must adjust and grow to changing needs.

Think of it like trying to wedge a square peg into a round hole. Eventually, it will all just fall apart.

With that in mind, we made the decision to turn airfocus into the first modular product platform that adapts to you.

What does this mean?

Moving forward, we will allow you to edit, change, and customize airfocus to adapt to your specific way of working. This includes changeable views, workflows, fields, and new native apps so you can add just the right scope of functionality needed to fit your goals. With that, we add expert guidance and onboarding to help you and your teams reach your outcomes.

How will we achieve this?

With the concept of modularity, we are introducing the following solutions to airfocus:

Custom views with default filters & display options to organize and share information

Say goodbye to fixed views in your workspace!

You can now define in a precise way what information each view should convey.

Create unlimited views as needed, edit them, reorder them, and rename them in whichever way fits your workflow. Additionally, each added view comes with a bunch of default settings and options to make sure you cater the view to show the information needed for everyone in your team.

Custom fields for added flexibility and customization

Nobody knows your product process better than you. Use custom fields to personalize your airfocus workspace to fit your needs.

With this upgrade, items no longer have a fixed set of fields (like lane, group, or labels.)

Instead, we are introducing the following new field types:

  • Single select

  • Multi-select

  • T-shirt sizes

  • Yes or no

  • Number (custom)

  • 0 to 5 scale

  • 0 to 10 scale

  • Money

  • Percentage

  • Story points

  • Date range

  • Date

  • Text

Custom fields give you flexibility for various use cases, including custom prioritization and fields to expand on item information.

Learn more about custom fields here.

Build your airfocus block by block with native apps

By evolving into opt-in apps (an extension to enhance the core functionality of an airfocus workspace), you can use the parts you need to boost your product workflows. This modular approach to apps means that you have control over features you need and interact with on a daily basis (vs. having feature-loaded interfaces.)

Our first few apps are Priority Ratings, Priority Poker, and Item Mirror, with more coming in the future.

Priority Ratings & Priority Poker are now apps

We've added a lot more flexibility to how and when you prioritize items. Priority Ratings and Priority Poker are now optional apps, all fully customizable to your needs.

*Note that you can only use the Priority Poker app in workspaces where you have the Priority Ratings app installed, as they both affect your chosen prioritization criteria.

The ability to use any select, number, or yes/no fields as prioritization criteria

We really like this one! This takes building & customizing your prioritization framework to another level. Instead of selecting from a limited set of criteria (today known as criteria value types), every select, number, or yes/no field in your workspace can now be used as a prioritization criteria for the Priority Ratings app.

Priority Ratings app

Learn more on how to use the priority ratings app here.

New Item Mirror app

Previously we allowed users to work out of a workspace that summarised items from multiple other workspaces in a timeline view (previously known as "master workspaces", a term that we will no longer be using.)

Instead of having one workspace that acts as a rollup view, you can now share information between multiple workspaces with the Item Mirror app. This gives you the benefit of seeing information combined into a single workspace and have the ability to work in sync with the rest of your team.

As an added benefit, you are also able to detail which items you wish to mirror.

Learn more on how to use the priority mirror app here.

Advanced item filtering for added structure

Our new powerful item filter allows you to only view the items that fit certain criteria, depending on what you need. Set up any combination of filters with AND/OR conditions, and define the fields & field options you want to see, i.e. a specific tag or person assigned.

We're also introducing default filters in addition to temporary filters that we already offer:

  • A default filter is set from the view settings and will always remain as the standard on the view created.

  • A temporary filter is a way to change the data to view other levels of information, but changes made will not remain permanently. All applied temporary filters will reset when navigating away from the screen and data will revert to the default filter set.

Multiple assignees per item for increased collaboration

Our assignee field got an upgrade as well: items can now have multiple assignees at once, making it easier to visualize everyone involved in contributing to an item/initiative/project.

Share link migration

There's a new change with previously created share links.

  • All share links without filters will remain as is.

  • All share links with filters will be converted to views. These views will contain the filters set on the share link and the external URLs will remain active.

  • All share links with filters that are older than three months will not be migrated into views for security reasons. If you need these back, they can be recreated into new views and shared through a new link.

New and upgraded templates

Powerful new templates have been introduced to get teams up and running with their airfocus accounts in no time.

The new templates include:

  • Outcome-based and objective-led roadmaps.

  • Improved RICE, ICE, and a simple value vs effort prioritization.

  • Release views including a timeline and kanban board templates.

  • A discovery-focused product management process, including setting strategy, prioritizing your backlog, and creating your roadmap.

Small but powerful added benefits included

Just because they're small it doesn't mean they shouldn't be celebrated! We also bring you a load of "tiny" (yet still very important) upgrades for your team:

  • CSV import: Our new CSV import accepts all kinds of field types (except for date & date range.)

  • Ability to bulk select per swimlane: Select all items within a swimlane with one click, saving you precious clicking time.

  • Ability to bulk select multiple items by holding the shift key when selecting a second item. Kinda like magic ✨

  • Make your comments more engaging with rich text formatting. This includes bolds, italics, lists, and heading types.

  • Changed your mind about a comment? No worries, you can now go back and edit!

How will this affect me?

With the introduction of these new benefits, the following changes are expected:

  • Migration of current fixed fields to new custom field:

    • Lane & Group fields will be migrated to a field of type single select (that is, only one option available to be selected.)

    • Label fields will be migrated to a field of type multi-select (that is, multiple options available to be selected.)

    • The timeline field will be migrated to a field of type date range.

    • The assignee field is now a default system field. Every item has to have this field available (whether you choose to apply it or not.) This field cannot be applied more than once in a workspace.

    • Item name, description, and color all stay the same.

  • All source workspaces (prev master workspaces) will be migrated to normal workspaces with the Item Mirror app installed. Functionally, everything stays the same, so there is no downside or interruption expected!

  • All share links will be migrated and will continue to be accessible. All share links that have special item filters applied will add a new view to your workspace as to not lose their configuration (see the share links update above.)

⚠️ The following will not continue to work after the update ⚠️

  • Chrome extension

  • airfocus mobile app

  • Any Zaps previously created will need to be updated to match the new API

As the new version is based on a new type of technology and back-end systems, both our Chrome extension and mobile app will no longer work. Don't worry though, we'll be working on new versions very soon!

Can I opt-out?

The migration to this new version will be applied to all accounts, so no opt-out is available. Don't worry though! We won't be taking away anything, just adding to your experience so you can build amazing products 🚀

I have more questions, can someone help me?

Of course! You can email us or drop us a note via the chat and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

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