You can create different views when working in an airfocus workspace. Some of them give you a good overview of your backlog help you to prioritize your tasks, features, or initiatives.

Other views help you to track the status and progress of your projects and tasks. You can create a view to compare a specific group of items or display them on a roadmap or release plan.

You can customize these views to your needs and this is how:

Whenever you create a new workspace it's possible to start from scratch or with one of our many templates. These templates will include default views that you can use a basis and customize from there. When you start from scratch you would need to add all the views that you want to use in the "Views" settings of your workspace. For that click on your workspace name and select the "Views" section:

This is the place where you can add, edit and customize the views of your workspace.

You'll find a list of all currently used views on the left:

This list will be empty if that you started your workspace from scratch. In this case, you can start adding the views you want to use for your workspace.

There are currently four types of views that you can add to your workspaces. You can find more information on each one of those views here:

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