If you are an account Admin in airfocus, a good understanding of the different roles that account users can have will help you to control access to airfocus features and actions.

User roles

There are three possible roles a user can have in airfocus:

1. Admin

2. Editor
3. Contributor

User roles are not workspace-specific. Each role has a maximum set of permissions that will need to be selected upon creating a new user.

The number of users as well as the different user role types available on your account will be determined by the licenses included in your subscription.

Admins and Editors both need an "Editor seat". Contributors need a "Contributor seat".

A new airfocus team member will stay "Unseated" if you have no empty seats left.

This means you would need to update your subscription accordingly in order to add them to the team.


Admins have superpowers within airfocus. They can manage team settings (users, workspaces, billing) and everything an Editor can do.


Editors are the default user type with all normal editing rights. They can manage workspaces and edit items.


Contributors can read selected workspaces and comment on items.

Roles at a glance

Here's a table showing what Admins, Editors and Contributors can do when they have full access to a workspace.

An Admin can edit the user roles in the Team settings.

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