Introduction - why redesigning airfocus at all?

The airfocus team has constantly been adding new features over the past couple of months, like team-based single sign-on, rights & permission management, and multiple new integrations to improve the user experience and the product.

The growing set of features slowly turned into a new challenge: it created structural problems that the original user-facing design wasn’t built to solve. Therefore, it became necessary to rethink the whole design to support all existing requirements AND provide a stable foundation for future improvements - which is important, as we have big plans for the next months & years!

So, without further words, let's jump directly into what has changed and how you can benefit the most from the all-new airfocus.

What's new - an overview

The first thing you'll notice is a completely new overall appearance of airfocus.

We strived for a cleaner, noise-free interface with much friendlier colours. By entering any of your workspaces, you'll discover the full power of the new UI.

In general, we shifted the navigation from the side to the top, and also added a second level of navigation, which we call the action bar. The action bar gives you the tools you need depending on the view you are on.

Coming up this year, we'll introduce the concept of apps and how they can be used to improve your custom workflows in airfocus with full flexibility.

What we already want to share with you: Priority Poker will become an app. Therefore, in order to access Priority Poker, please click on the prominent Apps button on the top right.

Would you like a full in-depth look at what's new? Take a look at the section below.

What's new - An in-depth explanation

1. Navigation

The navigation moved to the top and was extended through our new action bar, as already mentioned above. It will allow you to

  • Navigate back / between workspaces

  • Access your workspace settings (new)

  • Go back to Home (the overview of all your workspaces) with a click on the airfocus logo

  • Access our help resources

  • And access your team settings

Please note that we've separated settings into workspace (specific) settings and team settings: You'll find our workspace settings by clicking on the gear icon + workspace name (⚙️ Your workspace) on the top left. More on this under 2. Workspace settings. You can access your team settings (user, billing, and security settings) by clicking on your avatar in the top right of the screen.

On top of that, the action bar allows you to

  • Add items to a workspace

  • Search & filter for items

  • Manage your display options

  • Share & export your workspace

  • Navigate between the views

  • And access your apps (more on this under 4. Apps & integrations)

2. Workspace settings (new!)

The new workspace settings allow admins and editors with full permissions for a workspace to manage the workspace, the fields and the permissions of the users of that workspace.

Managing fields? Yes, you heard right. For now, you can add, manage and delete the options of your Lane, Group, and Labels field directly in the workspace settings.

If you want to re-arrange your swimlanes' order, e.g. let's say you use the Display option Swimlane by: Group, this is now only possible from within the workspace options. The swimlanes will follow the same order that your field options have in the workspace settings. You can re-arrange their order by dragging & dropping the field values.

Don't worry: Creating and managing lanes is still possible from the board view. Also, adding an option to your label or group field is still possible from the table view directly. If the particular field is displayed (you can change this in our Display options), on the table view, simply enter a new value for that field. Adding options to your fields is also always possible from within the side panel, see the next paragraph.

3. Inside the workspaces

We have plenty of improvements waiting for you inside the workspace/on the views.

Side panel

By clicking on an item, you realize it won't open as a fullscreen dialog anymore. Instead, we decided to move the item details into a more efficient side panel.

It is equipped with a state-of-the-art rich text editor to simplify the creation of longer description texts and a better overview of your item options, such as your scorings, your fields, comments, or potential item attachments or dependencies.

Another major benefit is that you can still scroll your table or board view while keeping the detail view of one item open. You can even make updates to other items in the table view!

Bulk actions

You already know to look for filter & search, display options, and share options in the action bar, the second level navigation bar at the top of your screen. Once you select multiple items, e.g. in order to bulk edit multiple items, please find the bulk actions floating at the bottom of your screen. Hard to overlook!

A quick option for adding items

One of our favourite new features, especially for power users of the board view: Both board view and table view are already equipped with + Add item buttons that allow you to add items exactly in the swimlane or lane you want! On the board view, they will appear at the bottom of the cell (lane/swimlane intersection) your cursor is located.

4. Apps & integrations

We'll introduce the airfocus app store soon. Since Priority Poker will become an optional extension for a workspace (as some teams might prefer other prioritization methods over collaborative prioritization), it will be already accessible via the Apps button.

We will also merge integrations and apps in the future. Therefore, our integrations will be accessible via the Apps button as well. You can now sync integrations directly from within the workspace. Click on Explore integrations to set up or manage your integrations.

Have questions? Please get in touch via chat. We reply usually within minutes.

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