If you use Microsoft Planner to plan your (team's) tasks & get stuff done, you'll find it helpful to integrate your Microsoft Planner instance (groups and plans) with airfocus. Your Microsoft Planner team members can continue managing their tasks in Microsoft Planner, while decision-makers and strategists use airfocus to prioritize high-level projects, features and initiatives to build and share more effective roadmaps.

Benefits of the Microsoft Planner integration

  • Import Microsoft Planner tasks (as items) into airfocus.

  • Push airfocus items into Microsoft Planner (as tasks).

  • Configure multiple Microsoft Planner integrations to sync your airfocus workspace with different Microsoft Planner boards ("plans").

  • Keep fields synced between both systems including title, description, bucket/lane, label (two-way sync).

  • Create a flexible filtering and mapping workflow, e.g. map multiple Microsoft Planner buckets to the same airfocus lane.

Additional notes

You can only integrate one Microsoft Planner "Plan" at a time. If you want to integrate multiple plans (from different groups) into the same airfocus workspace, please set up multiple integrations.

How to set up and configure the Microsoft Planner integration

  1. Navigate to the airfocus Workspace you would like to set up the Microsoft Planner integration with.

  2. Go to the integration page in the Apps section, locate the Microsoft Planner integration and click "Connect".

  3. Authorize airfocus to access your Microsoft account.

  4. You're now asked to configure the integration. Choose your MS Office 365 group & plan what you would like to import.

  5. Define whether to import all tasks from Microsoft Planner or only tasks with a particular label.

  6. Map your Microsoft Planner buckets/lanes with airfocus lanes.
    Note: you can map multiple Microsoft Planner buckets to the same airfocus lane.

  7. Optional: map your Microsoft Planner labels with airfocus labels.

  8. Optional: define whether a label of your choice should be attached to each Microsoft Planner task that gets imported & synced with airfocus.

  9. Choose 1- or 2-way-integration & if unknown items should be archived.

  10. Once you click on "Save and synchronize", you're done. Congratulations, you've successfully set up your Microsoft Planner integration. 🎉

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