This article is addressed to all airfocus admins who have active Jira integrations that were set up before Wednesday, June 17 2020.

Why do we need you to become active

So far, syncing items from an airfocus workspace with a Jira project was set up per workspace. For each workspace you wanted to import & sync Jira items with, you had to set up another integration.

The setup of a Jira integration consists of two parts: authorization and configuration. While the integration's configuration stays as it is, we upgraded the way the authorization for Jira integrations works. The new authorization process enables secure syncing between airfocus and Jira, makes the airfocus plugin for Jira redundant, and will make further integration setups e.g. with other Jira projects much faster & easier. Once authorized, a Jira instance won't have to be authorized again to sync your Jira projects with another airfocus workspace.

In order to shift the existing Jira integrations of all our users from the old to the new authorization process, we need you to become active, as we cannot do it for you. We are sorry for the inconveniences and are here to help you with any step of the re-authorization process.

Instructions how to re-authorize your Jira integration

Prerequisite for this to work is that you are a) the administrator of your airfocus account and b) the global administrator of your Jira account. If you haven't sufficient permissions to do so, please talk to the person in your organization who does.

To re-authorize your Jira integration, please execute the following steps:

1. Go to airfocus & log in to your account

2. Navigate to your workspace with an active Jira integration

3. Go to integration settings, scroll down and click on "Reauthorize integration"

4. Connect to your Jira instance (again) via the new method by following the steps on the screen

In the beginning, you'll be asked to connect to a new Jira instance. Please insert the URL of the Jira instance you want to re-authorize. Then, follow the authorization guide.

5. Save your integration configurations

Once you finished the new authorization process, you will be redirected to your integration settings. Your prior configuration is still active and won't have to be set again. Review your settings, scroll down to the bottom and click "Save and synchronize".

You're all set. 🎉

Additional important information

  • If you have multiple workspaces with Jira integrations, please repeat the steps 2-5. The authorization process (step 4) will be shortened/skipped, as you have already linked your Jira account to your airfocus account successfully.

  • In a few weeks, we are going to stop supporting our existing Jira authorization method. At that time, all Jira integration that hasn't been re-authorized will pause working until re-authorized via the new above-mentioned process.

  • Again, your integration configurations (filters, mappings & additional settings) won't be affected and are kept in place during and after the re-authorization.

Have questions? Please get in touch via chat. We reply usually within minutes.

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