Enhanced text formatting (rich text formatting) including a formatting toolbar is now available for item descriptions.

Formatting toolbar

  • Six types of headlines (h1 - h6)

  • Bold

  • Italics

  • Inline code

  • Numbered list (with support for multiple levels)

  • Bullet point list (with support for multiple levels)

  • Hyperlink

  • Code block/snippet

Note: To change the level of the numbered/bulleted list, use Tab.


  • Striketrough

  • Underline

  • Inline HTML

  • Inline Images

  • Inline tables

  • Embedded videos

  • Files

  • Quoteblocks

  • Text colors

Syncing descriptions with Trello or Jira integrations

If you work with Trello, Jira, GitHub or Clubhouse integrations and have two-way sync enabled, not only the descriptions will be kept in sync, but also the format styling.

⚠️ Please note that our Jira integration comes with some technical limitations:

  • Neither (inline) image nor attachment sync between Jira & airfocus is supported.

  • We strongly recommend using a one-way sync for your Jira integration if you're using inline tables or colored text in Jira. These two format stylings won't be displayed properly in airfocus, and due to limitations in the Jira API, the syncing process from airfocus to Jira will lead to illegible inline tables & colored text in Jira.

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