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How to use the Text editor

The Text editor is available on item descriptions and comments (even on item descriptions on Portal).

To use the Text editor, simply press / or highlight your existing text to immediately access all functionalities listed below.


  • Slash commands

    With / you can add different content types to the Text editor. You can also turn a block into another block type such as Text, h1, h2, h3, numbered list, bulleted lists, code block, and @mention.

    • Text: Allows you to write plain text.

    • Heading: Define different sections better by formatting them across three standard heading sizes: h1, h2, and h3.

    • Numbered list: Order your points in numbers. Additionally, you can also press Enter + Tab to switch to other ordering sequences such as alphabets and roman numerals.

    • Bulleted list: Add bullets to your points. Similarly, press Enter + Tab to further sub-list your points.

  • Floating formatting toolbar

    We offer advanced formatting with our new editing toolbar which is hidden but will appear exactly at the place of highlight or action.

    • Dropdown menu: The dropdown menu allows you to access / commands.

    • Formatting palette: Use the palette to bold, italicize, underline, or strikethrough text.

    • Code: Turn text into code or mark it as code.

    • Linking: Link text easily with the hyperlink button.

    You can see the keyboard shortcuts by hovering over each of the options on the formatting toolbar.

  • Drag-and-drop rearrangement for content blocks

    You can now easily drag-and-drop blocks within the item description or comments.

  • Hyperlinks

    There are several options now to paste links into the Text editor:

    • Paste link by highlighting text: When you want to link a specific text, you can now easily paste links with ⌘V / Ctrl + V.

    • Link selection from the floating toolbar: This allows you to paste the link (must have https:// as the link's prefix) and modify the underlying text behind the link.

    • Toolbar appears once you hover over a link: This allows you to edit, copy, or unlink the link immediately.

  • Turn into menu

    By clicking on ⋮⋮ next to the drag-and-drop blocks, you can access the “Turn into” menu where you can convert a block into another block type such as Text, h1, h2, h3, numbered list, bulleted lists, code block, and @mention.

Keyboard shortcuts




Save descriptions or post comments

⌘ + Enter or ⌘S

Ctrl + Enter or Ctrl + S



Ctrl + B



Ctrl + I



Ctrl + U


⌘ + Shift + S or ⌘ + Shift + X

Ctrl + Shift + X or Ctrl + Shift + S

Mark as code

⌘ + Shift + E

Ctrl + E

Paste as links

Select text and ⌘V

Select text and Ctrl + V



Ctrl + K

Change to different types of numbered lists (ie. alphabets and roman numerals)


Enter then Tab again

Add bullets to your points for bulleted lists

Enter then Tab again


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