We're thrilled to hear that you decided to go with airfocus! Now you're just a few clicks away from better prioritization. Please follow these steps to start your airfocus subscription:

1. Open up the billing settings in your airfocus account.

2. Select the plan that fits your needs. Included features are displayed.

Choose your preferred currency at this point.

3. Select whether you want to subscribe to an annual or a monthly plan.

You will see the pricing plans displayed on the right, as well as the discount that will be implemented upon choosing the annual payment.

4. Select how many editor and contributor seats you want to add to the subscription.

For the team and the pro plan, the already included contributors will be displayed by default. Find more information on contributors here. The final price will be displayed on the right.

5. Fill in your personal information in the billing details.

6. Set up the payment method.

You will be redirected to the website of our banking provider, Stripe. Find more information about Stripe here. After filling in your billing information, you can continue the subscription process on the airfocus page.

7. Finish the subscription via the checkout on the right side of the screen.

Here you'll find the summary of your purchase, our terms as well as the option to redeem a coupon for the subscription.

8. That's it. You successfully subscribed to airfocus!

Now you can invite your colleagues to your airfocus team and start working more effectively! If you need help with the setup, please check out our "Getting Started" video, get in touch with the support or book a demo here.

We're happy to welcome you to the airfocus family!

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