Use airfocus' flexible Clubhouse integration to prioritize your features and epics to build more effective roadmaps. Collaborate on your prioritization scoring to get the right stuff done. Our Clubhouse integration keeps high-level strategy in sync with day-to-day development.

Push prioritized items into Clubhouse for development and track their Clubhouse status right from within airfocus.

Benefits of the Clubhouse integration

  • Import Clubhouse epics and stories (as items) into airfocus.

  • Push airfocus items into Clubhouse either as Clubhouse epics or as Clubhouse stories (tasks, bugs, chores)

  • Create a flexible filtering and mapping workflow, e.g. map multiple Clubhouse states to the same airfocus state

  • Keep fields synced between both systems including title, description, state/lane, label (Two-way sync)

Additional notes

  • When setting up a Clubhouse integration in airfocus, you have to choose whether you want to import & sync Clubhouse epics or Clubhouse stories with airfocus.

  • You can only integrate one Clubhouse workflow at a time. If you want to integrate
    a) multiple Clubhouse workflows or
    b) both workflow (with its projects & stories) AND epics
    into the same airfocus workspace, please setup multiple integrations.

How to set up and configure the Clubhouse integration

  • Navigate to the airfocus workspace you would like to set up the Clubhouse integration with

  • Go to the integration page, locate the Clubhouse integration and click "Connect"

  • Enter a Clubhouse API token. To generate one, open the Clubhouse app, go to Settings > Your Account > API tokens and generate an API token.

  • You're now asked to configure the integration. Choose whether you want to import & sync Clubhouse epics or a certain Clubhouse workflow

  • If you chose a Clubhouse workflow, select the projects you want to integrate

  • Define whether to import all items or only items with a particular Clubhouse label

  • Map your Clubhouse workflow states/Epic states with airfocus lanes
    Note: you can map multiple Clubhouse states to the same airfocus lane/state

  • Optional: map your Clubhouse labels with airfocus labels

  • Optional: define whether a label of your choice should be attached to each Clubhouse item that gets imported & synced with airfocus

  • Choose 1- or 2-way-integration & if unknown items should be archived

  • Once you click on "Save and synchronize", you're done. Congratulations, you successfully set up your Clubhouse integration 🎉

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