airfocus Priority poker is a tool designed to prioritize projects, tasks or products collaboratively with your colleagues.

A Priority poker game enables you to bring expert knowledge to the table.  

In case you want to start your own Priority poker game, you can find more information here.

This article gives you a step by step guide on how to join and play a priority poker live session as a player:

Step 1:
After you joined one of your existing poker games or accepted the invitation to a new poker game, the game owner can invite you to a priority poker "live session".

Step 2:
After accepting the "live session" invitation within your poker game, you'll be automatically directed to the items that the owners chooses for rating (in real-time) and you can start playing. Rate the item criteria that are displayed on your screen. 

Your rating progress will be displayed for all players. You can see all currently logged in players on top of the screen. Click on "I'm done" once you finished your rating.

The game owner can “lock” the item at any time. You won't be able to rate this item once it's locked.

Step 3: Review the results with your teammates.
After the game owner closed the round, the results will be shown on everyone’s device and you can discuss them with your team members.

Click on the small arrow to see how each player has voted on these criteria.
Your rating results show minimum/maximum ratings, an agreement value (low, medium, high), and a rating distribution chart. By default, airfocus sets a smart suggest rating (average).

Step 4:
You have completed your first item. Find all successfully played items in the “Prioritized” container.

Step 5:
That's it! Keep on playing and have fun prioritizing.

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