Items can be a lot of things: Epics, projects, features, initiatives, user stories, tasks.

Basically, everything you need to prioritize and – to be more specific – rank against each other.

In most product-related setups, airfocus items represent strategic elements like epics or features.

There are different ways how you can create items:

  • Manually: Click "Add item" on the top menu bar within all of your views or in your groups as well as lanes.

  • Import or sync with Jira, Trello, Asana and 1000+ other Tools. Import items from your existing tools to say bye-bye to double data entry. With two-way sync, the changes that you make in airfocus will be reflected in your connected tool like Jira or Trello —and vice versa.

  • Importing from CSV/Excel: You can upload a CSV to create multiple items at once (including item title and description). Just go to the airfocus integration page and select CSV. We’ve created a handy template to make it super easy to get started quickly.

Check our get started help collection for useful articles and videos on how to achieve fast results.

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