You can use the airfocus Chrome extension to always create items on the fly. This makes your work with airfocus even more spontaneous and easy!

Here is how you can install the Chrome extension:

Step 1: Go to the Chrome app store and add the airfocus extension to your browser

Step 2: Turn on the synchronization between the Chrome extension and airfocus in the pop-up and link your data to airfocus

Step 3: Log in to your airfocus account by clicking on the Chrome extension 

Step 4: That's it! From now on you can create items on the fly with your airfocus Chrome extension. Whenever you got an idea while browsing, just click on the airfocus icon in the top right corner of your browser and create items. Just choose one of your workspaces and add the item

You can create items very easily, As soon as you mark text on a website, it will be imported as a preselection into the extension. 

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