Share information between multiple workspaces with the Item mirror app. This gives you the benefit of seeing information combined into a single workspace and having the ability to work in sync with the rest of your team.

As an added benefit, you are also able to detail which items you wish to mirror.

Follow these steps to successfully mirror your items:

  • The first requirement is having at least two workspaces. One or more source workspaces and a target workspace in which you would like to mirror items from other workspaces. For the sake of simplicity, let’s call our workspaces in this example just that, source and target workspace.
    Our goal is to mirror some items from our source workspace in our target workspace.

  • Go to Extensions in your target workspace and activate the Item mirror app by choosing a source workspace.

  • When setting up the app you can use filters to narrow down the items you would like to mirror.

  • Map fields from your source workspace to specific target fields to ensure they are paired correctly. Decide whether or not you would like to include the priority rating scores from the source workspace or not.

  • You can add multiple source workspaces to mirror their items in your target workspace. Once you have set up the conditions, click on Activate app to mirror the defined items.

  • You will now see the items from your source workspace mirrored in your target workspace.

    By clicking on View item, you will be redirected to the item in the source workspace. Keep in mind, that if a user does not have access to the source workspaces, they won’t be redirected.

Let’s compare the information in the item panel of the same item in both the source and target workspace:

  • Source workspace

  • Target workspace

Fields with a lock symbol can only be edited in the source workspace, not in the target workspace.

Compare the Focus score from the source workspace with the Focus score from the target workspace:

This is the Focus score from your source workspace:

Once you have rated the item in your target workspace, you will be able to compare both scores:

The mirrored items are visible on all your view types such as table, chart, board and timeline view.

Although the timing field is only editable in the source workspace, you will be able to see mirrored items on your timeline. Dependencies will also be visualized, as long as the dependent items have also been mirrored into the target workspace.

If you want to go further and mirror an already mirrored item from your target workspace to another target workspace 2, it will mirror the configurations from the target and not from the initial source workspace.

Integrations will not be mirrored in any target workspace.

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