Learn how to consolidate two or more workspaces into a single comprehensive timeline view to align strategy across all departments and stakeholders.

Today you can create a master workspace as a timeline (gantt) view, but we'll launch a master workspace variant including all views later this year.

In the example below, the master workspace rolls up three source workspaces ("Voom Video App", "Voom Video Workspace", and "Voom Video App (RICE Model)").

How to create a master workspace

To get started, create a new master workspace from your airfocus home screen (click our logo to get there). Choose "Create workspace" and a window will pop up where you choose "Master workspace".

Next, select your source workspaces to define which roadmaps you want to roll up in the master. You can always edit the sources later on by clicking "Edit sources" in the top menu.

For each source, you can set filters (click "Filter items") to define which items you want to roll up into the master. Only items that match your filters will be shown in the master (you can find a preview of the matching items in the container left to the filtering options).

On the master timeline view you can still use zoom, swimlanes (default: swimlanes by workspace) and filtering to visualize your data in different ways.

Automatic data sync between master and source workspaces

Changes made to a master workspace are propagated to its source workspace, and vice versa. This means data in both the master and the sources is automatically and seamlessly kept in sync.

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