With airfocus you prioritize items based on strategy criteria for defined factors. In other words, a factor can have one or many strategy criteria. 

The prioritization framework always has a X-factor and a Y-factor, whereas the R-factor is optional (it only has informational value, representing the bubble size on the chart view). 

Each factor has a scoring direction, which defines whether it is a positive or negative factor. The scoring direction of a factor also accounts for the underlying criteria of that factor. You can change the scoring direction by clicking the factor name.

Each criteria has a value type, which defines the scale of the criteria (or in other words, how you want to measure the criteria). You can choose from the following value types: 0 to 10, percentages, general numbers, story points, (t-shirt) sizes, financial values or yes/no. You can change the value type by clicking the criteria name.

As an example, let's look at the product template:

  • The Y-factor is used for "Value" with higher values in the scoring table being better (see the up arrow). The factor here has two criteria: "Revenue increase" (value type: 0 to 10) and "Strategic fit" (value type: sizes). 
  • The X-factor is used for "Costs" with lower values in the scoring table being better. The factor here has just one criteria: "Development costs" (value type: 0 to 10).
  • The R-factor is used for "Must-have" with higher values in the scoring table being better. The factor here also has just one criteria, using the same name as the factor: "Must-have" (value type: Yes or no).

All of these settings can be customized in the "Prioritization settings" (see the button in the top bar of the items view): 

  • Rename factors and define the weighting between the factors.
  • Rename, delete or add new criteria and define the weighting between the criteria of that factor.

Check our get started help collection for useful articles and videos on how to achieve fast results. If you want to understand the math behind the scoring, have a look at this article.

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