In airfocus there are five levels of permissions:

  1. Full

  2. Write

  3. Comment

  4. Read Only

  5. No access

The permissions determine how your airfocus team members can access airfocus features and actions across the application.

They need to be set up per workspace and are limited by the user's role already.
For example, a contributor will never have full access to any workspace.

These permissions can by default only be edited by the creator of a workspace or every admin in the Team settings.

By default, every new user is created without any permissions or access to any workspace and the permissions need to be granted after the new user was created (Learn more).

Permissions at a glance

Here's a table displaying the exact definition of the different permissions.

Permissions within mirrored workspaces

With our Item Mirror app, it's possible to combine the items from different workspaces in one portfolio-wide overview.

You can learn more about how to use the Item Mirror app here.

You need full admin permissions to install the Item Mirror app in a workspace.

Apart from that, it's also important what kind of permissions you have for the workspaces that you want to use as a source for your combined view.

You also need "Full" permissions for all other workspaces that you want to combine.

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