Priority Poker is a revolutionary new way to benefit from team wisdom: Invite experts to your prioritization workflow.

Check out the video below and this blog post to learn how to democratize prioritization with Priority Poker.

With Priority Poker we're giving you a powerful tool to solve these flaws and democratize prioritization. 

The feature will allow you to invite others to a rating game. People can even join from their smartphones and you will all rate items one by one. After flipping the results for an item, you will see who rated how and more importantly where ratings differ. We’ll then suggest smart averages and make the whole prioritization workflow much more collaborative that way.

This is how Priority Poker works in detail:

For any poker game, there is one game-admin and multiple (potentially unlimited) players.

Step 1: As an admin, select "Priority Poker" on the items' view.

Step 2: Create your first game.

Step 3: Name your game.

Step 4: Click "Add items" to fill your rating backlog. 

Step 5: Select items to play. Use the filters to narrow down what to include.

Step 6: Invite other players to join your game. They can join by scanning the QR code on their smartphone or via link. If you as the admin also want to participate, we recommend to join by QR.

Step 7: Select the item that you want to play next. Once selected, the item ratings will be enabled for all players in real-time.

Step 8: As an admin, see how far your players are with their ratings (here: On a smartphone). You can flip results at any time, but why not wait until everyone is done. You can also replay or postpone the item at any time.

Step 9: Click "Show results" to unveil item ratings.

Step 10: Your rating results show minimum/maximum ratings, an agreement value (low, medium, high), and a rating distribution chart. By default airfocus sets a smart suggest rating (average), but you could also change it.

Step 11: Click on the small arrow to see who rated how for each criteria. 

Step 12: Congrats. You completed your first item. Find all successfully played items in the "Prioritized" container.

Related questions

Who can join a game?

Any airfocus admin or editor can initiate or join a game. Additionally the newly introduced "contributors" can also join games as players. For the launch of Priority Poker, contributors will be free. In the future, contributors can be purchased in bundles of 5 at a discounted price.

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