Priority Poker is a revolutionary new way to collaborate on prioritization: Invite experts to your prioritization workflow. You can either watch our video tutorial to learn about Priority Poker in just a few minutes or find a detailed guide underneath:

Each game has an owner and multiple players. The owner can play the game in two ways:

1. Asynchronous: Players do the criteria ratings on their schedule (e.g. owner invites players on Monday and asks them to complete the ratings by Friday).

2. Real-time: Players join a live game where the owner controls the flow by selecting one item to prioritize at a time (owner and players play item by item during a live prioritization meeting).

The owner can invite and manage players and even set criteria permissions. Players can join the game on mobile or desktop.

After flipping the results for an item, you will see the ratings and, more importantly, where the ratings differ. airfocus will then suggest a rating average that can facilitate in making prioritized decisions and workflows collaboratively.

This is an overview of how Priority Poker works:

Step 1: As an admin or editor, select "Apps" and click on “Priority Poker” on the table view.

Step 2: Create a game.

Step 3: Name your game.

Step 4: Click "Add items" to fill your rating backlog.

Step 5: Select the items you want to play. Use the filters to narrow down what to include.

Step 6: Invite other players to join your game. They can join by scanning the QR code on their smartphone or via a link (if they want to play on desktop).

You can determine which specific criteria a player can rate. In the example below, your marketing director would not be allowed to rate the effort criteria.

Step 7: All players can start rating open items which are not locked by the game owner. The owner can also rate items (there is a “hide rating” option, enabled by default).

Step 8: Let your players rate the items. The progress of each player will be displayed on top of the rating options. Players can signal that they’re done with their ratings by clicking “I’m done” (checkbox will appear on their avatar).

As the game owner, you’ll see the option “Lock item & show results,” which can be initiated at any time.

Step 9: Review and have the option to discuss the results so that you can set better priority ratings.
Your rating results show minimum/maximum ratings, an agreement value (low, medium, high), and a rating distribution chart.

The agreement gives you information about the statistical distribution of all the answers. The agreement metric is higher when your players’ responses are closer to each other on the scale.

airfocus will set a smart suggest rating (average of all ratings), which can directly be used for the prioritization or changed by the game owner before continuing the process.

Click on the small arrow to see how each player voted for the given item and criteria.

Step 10: Congratulations! Your team just completed rating the first item. Find all successfully played items in the “Prioritized” container.

To host a “live” session, follow these steps

In some cases, such as in a prioritization meeting with your team leads or teammates, it makes more sense to play a live session to gain immediate results.

Whenever you want to play a live poker session in airfocus, you can either create a new poker game for your session or use one of your existing poker games.

Step 1: Start the live session.
You can always start a live poker session by clicking on your poker game name and selecting “Start live session”.

Step 2: Notify other players.
All invited players will get a notification when they're in the game that the game owner has started a live session. They can accept the invitation and join the game.

Step 3: Start playing.
After adding players and items, the game owner can click on one of the items to select them for the rating.

All the other players will now have the chance to rate this item. The selected item and the progress of each person will be displayed in real-time on all devices.

The game owner can “lock” the item as soon as he/she thinks enough people have rated and that all other extra ratings are not necessary at the moment.

Step 4: Review the results.
The results of the poker round can be displayed by clicking on “Lock item & show results”. The results will also be visible on everyone’s device.

Click on the small arrow to see how each player has voted for this criteria.
Your rating results show minimum/maximum ratings, an agreement value (low, medium, high), and a rating distribution chart. By default, airfocus sets a smart suggest rating (average).

The team ratings can be used or taken into consideration.

Step 5: Congratulations!
You have completed your first item. Find all successfully played items in the “Prioritized” container.

Step 6: Keep on playing. Use team wisdom to make better decisions.

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