With airfocus' Jira integration, you can use airfocus for prioritization and road mapping while developers (and others) use Jira for day-to-day development planning.

By default, we already show airfocus data like priority scores, lanes, and timelines in Jira. This help article describes how you can map the airfocus focus score with a Jira custom field (which you can also filter for in Jira).

By mapping the airfocus focus score with your Jira project, you’ll be able to show your number one priority metric right where people work – on each synchronized Jira issue card and the issue card cover. This way you'll get your whole team aligned and focused on which tasks matter.

In order to display the airfocus focus score in Jira, you need to map it with a Jira custom field. The custom field must have the field type "Number field". Setting this up will take around 3 minutes.

How to map the airfocus focus score with Jira

1. Inside Jira, go to Settings, in the top right corner.

2. Click "Issues"

3. On the left side menu, click on "Custom fields"

4. Click on "Create custom field"

5. Select "Number field" as the field type

6. Provide a name and description (optional) and click on "Create"

7. Associate the new custom field to screens (of your synced project)

8. Go back to your Jira integration settings in airfocus and select the newly created custom field from the dropdown

9. The airfocus focus score will now show up for your Jira issues

10. Optional: If you also want to show the focus score on your card covers, go to your "Board settings" on the top right corner "..." menu.

11. Inside the "Card layout" option, select your focus score custom field from the dropdown and click "Add".

12. You will now also find the focus score on the board

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