1. Connect your airfocus workspace with Trello

You can initiate the connection by clicking on the "Extensions" button in the workspace you want to connect to Trello. For this, open the integrations settings by selecting "Apps" and clicking on " Explore integrations".

Select Trello on the integrations page.

2. Grant airfocus access to your Trello board

3. Use filtering to define which Trello cards to import into airfocus
You can filter by list and label. Please note that we will only import cards if they match the lists and labels. All other cards will be ignored.

4. Use mapping to define how Trello lists and labels should be mapped to airfocus lanes and labels (optional step)
If you change a card or item in one system, the other system will be adjusted accordingly.

5. Map votes from the Trello Voting Power-Up with an airfocus criteria (optional step)
This step requires the use of the airfocus Power-Up for Trello (learn more). Let customers, teammates, and others vote for your strategic items and connect those votes with an airfocus strategy criteria.

6. Synchronize the integration
Click the "Synchronize now" button on the integration page or on the top right of any other view by going to "Extensions" and clicking to sync the integration. You can select between one-way and two-way-sync (default).

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