Learn how airfocus helps decision-makers and teams focus on the right stuff.

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To recap, airfocus has four key views to help you with the main jobs of prioritization and roadmapping.

Item view

Prioritize what to do with an easy-to-use scoring system. Rate your projects and features against a set of strategy criteria.

Learn how to use the scoring board on the item view.

Chart view

Make better decisions with visualized priorities. Our algorithms calculate your priorities and visually plot them out on a 2x2 value vs. cost chart so you can make informed and more objective decisions.

With your decisions on what (to do), who (should be in charge) and when (status and/or timeline) you've now already did 90% of your roadmapping.

Learn how to use the prioritization matrix on the chart view.

Board view

Create and adjust beautiful roadmaps in minutes. The board view is one of two roadmap views and visualizes your priorities on a kanban board.

Learn how to use the kanban board.

Timeline view

The timeline view is another way to visualize your roadmap. It's a gantt chart and allows for detailed, time-based planning.

Learn how to use the timeline roadmap.

Share your priorities and roadmap

Share any airfocus view by creating a read-only link or export your views to PDF or CSV.

Learn how to share your priorities and roadmap.

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