With our CSV import you're able to bulk import items into airfocus. One property is required (the item name) and needs to be included in the CSV import. The description can be added additionally.

  • Title (required)

  • Description

Benefits of our CSV import

  • Bulk import: Import as many items as you'd like with one click. The fields our importer supports are listed above.

  • Manual mapping: Use the mapping configurations to define for each column to be imported the airfocus field it should get mapped to.

  • Import of prioritization criteria ratings. Use the mapping options to import your prioritization ratings into airfocus.

  • Live preview: Once you mapped your CSV column to an airfocus field, scroll down to the live preview to check if you are importing your data in the desired way

Additional information

  • Please download our CSV template and adjust it to your needs. The CSV's first row will always be interpreted as the column's headers and must not contain actual data.

  • The file you upload must be in .csv format

  • A column of your CSV file has to be mapped to the airfocus field item title for the import to work, as this is the only required field.

  • Please note that new lanes, groups, or labels get created in your workspace if your CSV contains lanes, groups or labels that don't already exist in your workspace.

Instructions on how to use airfocus' CSV import

1. Upload your file

Navigate to Add integrations on the Extensions section and click on CSV Import in the airfocus workspace to which you would like to import items from your CSV file or spreadsheet.

Now, select and upload your CSV file.

2. Map the CSV columns to airfocus fields

Choose delimiters (usually automatically detected) and map the columns of your CSV to the airfocus fields of your choice.

3. Check the live preview & import your items

Double-check on the live preview if everything was mapped accordingly. If you're ready, click on "Import items". You will be redirected to the Item View once the import has been finished.

Please note: If you add new options to one of your custom fields (unknown options), they'll be automatically added as a new option (for example, a label).

This means, that you only need to add the fields that you want to map your spreadsheet columns to and do the mapping on the CSV import page. The rest will automatically be created.

Have questions? Please get in touch via chat. We reply usually within minutes.

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