If you use Trello to get stuff done, you'll find it helpful to integrate your Trello instance with airfocus. Your Trello members can continue managing their tasks in Trello, while decision-makers and strategists use airfocus to prioritize high-level projects, features and initiatives to build and share more effective roadmaps.

Benefits of the Trello integration

  • Import Trello cards (as items) into airfocus

  • Push airfocus items into Trello (as cards)

  • Configure multiple Trello integrations to push different items to different Trello boards, or the same item to multiple Trello boards

  • Create an advanced filtering and mapping workflow

Along with the powerful Trello two-way integration (syncing airfocus items and Trello cards as well as advanced data mapping), you can additionally install the airfocus Power-Up for Trello to enjoy additional benefits:

Benefits of the Trello Power-Up

  • See your priority scores and roadmap visualizations right on your Trello board to get your team aligned and focused

  • Let customers, teammates and others vote for your strategic items (using the free Trello Voting Power-Up) and connect those votes with an airfocus strategy criteria (learn more)

Watch this video to learn how to get started with the airfocus Trello Power-Up in minutes:

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